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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. The Year 1 teaching team are: Rebbecca McGeown, Wendy Hardcastle, Kerry Bragg, Wendy Jackson, Anna Cholewka.

In Year 1 the children will continue to access a play based learning curriculum as they did in Foundation Stage with a higher level of challenge.  This will allow the children to continue to develop as independent learners.  The children will have regular access to the Year 1 outside area to promote outside learning and the Year 1 team will make learning as hands on and practical for children as possible.

We begin the year with travelling back in time to a place where dinosaurs roamed, we will be learning about various dinosaurs and gaining an understanding of how historians know about the past. We then move to 1666 when London was devastated by fire; we compare London past and present and share children's personal experiences of our capital city. In the new year we explore China; we will have great fun tasting Chinese food, finding out about the traditions of Chinese New Year and discovering why dragons are so important. After this our learning focuses on traditional tales. We investigate common themes, settings and characters. We will be considering how these stories are written and how we can use these ideas to write stories of our own. We hope to become great story tellers and participate in lots of drama to help us gather ideas.

In the summer term the children explore living things in the local environment. Our topic, Blooms and Bugs enables the children to discover how things grow and begin to learn the names of common wild flowers and trees. We learn about the small creatures we can find in our gardens and around school. Year 1 children are always full of awe and wonder as the watch tiny eggs transform into caterpillars, cocoons and emerge as butterflies!

Our final topic of Year 1 is the seaside. This topic explores the geographical features of the British seaside and encourages the children to make comparisons with their home town. This topic is enhanced by a trip to Hunstanston and the Sea Life Centre. The children always love seeing the animals and creatures in the Sea Life centre and a workshop allows them to get up close to some rockpool creatures. They also love making sandcastles on the beach and eating icepops!

Our learning in English is closely related to our topic work. We explore stories, information and poetry books. The children in Year 1 like learning about characters, acquiring facts and performing poems. We will be learning how to apply our knowledge to write descriptions, stories, fact files, recounts, letters, posters and poems.

Phonics is a central part of learning in Year 1. The children make great progress with acquiring knowledge of phonemes and how to blend words. We follow the Read Write Inc programme which supports children with learning to read real and pseudo words. If you would like to support your child with their learning in Phonics there are many great websites and apps which they will love. Here are just a few:  - Deep Sea Phonics Game  - Has activities to download and/or print

During Year 1 the children continue to develop their knowledge of number, shape and measures. The children enjoy using Numicon to investigate numbers and complete addition and subtraction problems. We work really hard to ensure our numbers are formed correctly and how to record our calculations and jottings. We have recently loved measuring lengths, capacities and weights using non-standard measures. We are always persisting with having quick recall of our number bond facts up to 20.