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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. The Year 3 teaching team are Arooj Cecil, Jade Matthes, Tracey Phipps, Gail Skelham, Claire McGeown. We believe learning should be fun, exciting and challenging. In our topics we aim to explore aspects of the world by offering stimulating learning opportunities that engage the children’s curiosity.

The world opens up in our first topic, ‘Inventors and Inventions’, as children explore how imagination, invention and innovation have changed the way we live our lives. The children become inventors who imagine, design, make and evaluate their own products based around the themes of communication, transport, hobbies and clothing. Science work focuses on electricity, materials and magnets.

Our next topic is ‘Bone Age, Stone Age’, where children investigate fossils and early scientific discoveries about prehistory. They compare and contrast the Stone Age way of life with their own by exploring the village of Skara Brae, complete an in-depth study of Stonehenge and investigate aspects of science around skeletons and teeth.

In our final topic, children explore ‘Habitats’ in the UK and around the world. They take an imaginative journey around the globe, comparing and contrasting different localities and investigating the plants and animals that live there. Environmental issues are considered as children learn about their responsibilities for protecting the planet.

Thinking skills work is embedded throughout each topic to enable children to explore, discuss and refine their ideas, whilst encouraging them to express and justify their points of view. In English, reading and writing is linked to our topics and covers a range of imaginative narratives and all genres of information writing. In Maths, we use Numicon resources to underpin our teaching, support the children’s understanding of key concepts and develop reasoning skills. Children also participate in weekly PE, ICT, French and RE activities.

Please read our Curriculum Guidelines below for an insight into our current curriculum....