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Year 5

Our teachers in Year 5 are: Rachel Ward, Sarah Welch, Caroline Goddard, Debbie Filik.

In our first topic 'Who Lived in Castles?' we journey back to 1066 as the children learn about the Battle of Hastings and Norman times.

After half term, we blast off into orbit as we begin our next journey in our second topic, Space Explorers. The children will develop their knowledge and understanding of the solar system, stars and the first man on the moon. We will also debate the existence of aliens as we ask the question, is there anybody out there…..?

In our third topic, All the Fun of the Fair, we jump into the colourful world of fairgrounds. The children will develop their awareness of different types of artwork, used in fairgrounds, over time. Through doing so, they will improve their creative skills in designing, drawing and painting - using a variety of materials. The children will also have the opportunity to design and make moving fairground models and games, as well as creating their own brand of popcorn. We will also look at forces such as: gravity, friction, air resistance and water resistance, and observe how these are used to create popular fairground rides.

In our final topic, 'Around the World in 80 Ways' the children go on a journey around the world as they learn about continents, countries, cultures and tourism. Also, they will discover how exploration has shaped the world that we live in today. To link with our work on Robert Louis Stevenson, the children will be studying Treasure Island and will step into the role of a pirate on our ‘Pirate Day’ where they will be taking part in a range of creative activities to bring their learning to life.

Please read our Curriculum Guidelines below for an insight into our current curriculum....