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Local Governing Body remit and Terms of Reference

  1. Implementation of the Curriculum to include the review and monitoring of all curriculum policies to include:
  • Ensuring the Academies are meeting National Curriculum requirements and to review the Curriculum Policy;
  • To review and update an agreed Self Evaluation Form;
  • To review Raise Online Data and associated data profiles;
  • To monitor and review information on Academy Performance;
  • To monitor and review the Academies Improvement Plan;
  • To produce a Sex Education Policy;
  • To review the Academy Prospectus;
  • To set Targets;
  • To report to Parents according to statutory requirements;
  • To appoint link Governors for Child Protection, Inclusion and any other area as recommended by the Chief Executive Officer.


  1. To ensure the safety and welfare of all staff and pupils to include the review and monitoring of all policies to include:
  • Compliance of the DfE Guidance;
  • Compliance with all child protection and SEN requirements;


  1. To monitor and review all Premises and Health and Safety issues, to include:
  • Comply with the Health and Safety Policy on an annual basis;
  • The monitoring of Risk Assessment procedures;
  • Compliance with the Trust Health and Safety policy;
  • Considering training needs with regard to site and health and safety;
  • Compliance with current fire safety legislation and regulations;
  • Receive reports/audits from Health and Safety representatives;
  • Establishing and reviewing annually the Accessibility Plan;


  1. To approve the Extended School work in the Academy to include:
  • Reviewing all activities and production of an annual development plan;     Monitor work to ensure adherence with the Plan and assess impact;
  • Receiving termly reports on progress.
  1. To annually ensure that the insurance cover held by the Academy provide adequate protection against risks.