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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. The Year 2 teaching team are: Karolina Kruszko, Josh Moor, Ashleigh McLellan, Hayley Barton, Rachel Rigg.

Our topics this year include: ‘The Olympics’ which involves history, geography and scientific discovery, before finishing the topic with our very own Olympic games; ‘Pirates’ when we explore a bounty of famous individuals from the past; ‘To Eat or be Eaten’ where we piece together clues about a mystery animal and learn all about food chains; ‘Time Detectives’ when we become amateur archaeologists and put our history hats on to learn about the Titanic. This work will prepare the children for their KS1 SATs in Mathematics, Reading and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in the Summer Term.

We begin the year with children designing and making their own sports kit, this is in preparation for their Olympic games, where they will compete head to head in events against the other classes within the year group.  Later in the year children get the opportunity to visit the pigs, goats and much more at West Lodge Farm Park. We hope you will follow this engaging curriculum with interest as your child progresses through the year, gaining valuable experiences, skills and a passion for learning!

Please read our Curriculum Guidelines below for an insight into our current curriculum....