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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. The teaching team of Rebecca Key, Amanda Beale, Christina Buja, Beth Makra, Mark Howes, Mike Conroy believe our children are our future and hold them in positive regard. We foster independence and interdependence where children take responsibility for their learning as well as learn from one another and feel safe and comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas.

Our first topic is ‘Celts and Romans’. In this topic, the children explore the Iron Age by visiting Burrough Hill, an Iron Age hill fort. They also research Celtic life, Roman invasion, Boudicca’s rebellion and volcanoes. Whilst doing this, children design, create and evaluate Celtic roundhouses and other Iron Age objects. To enhance their learning, Year 4 also celebrate Celts and Romans day in which they dress up and take part in a variety of hands on activities. While learning about volcanoes, they carry out scientific investigations on rocks and soils and erupt a volcano!

Our next topic is ‘Chocolate’ in which all children enjoy tasting a variety of chocolates with different flavours and describe their taste, smell, appearance and texture. They research chocolate adverts, wrappers and different ingredients of chocolate and finally design, make and evaluate their own chocolate products with their packaging. They then sell them to the parents to raise money that goes towards the cost of visit to Cadbury World. Not only does this event equip the children with sales skills, it also gives them an opportunity to experience the curriculum at greater depth practically.

In May, the children will have a short residential experience to Glendon, near Kettering. The visit offers valuable opportunities to develop confidence and independence, providing chances to broaden the children’s social development through teamwork and problem sharing.

All our curriculum is taught and supported by thinking skills that offer stimulating, thought-provoking learning opportunities and engage the children’s inquisitiveness. The topics provide excellent opportunities to develop the skills in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science.  Children also take part in weekly ICT, PE, RE, PSHE and French activities.

Please read our Curriculum Guidelines below for an insight into our current curriculum....