We are sorry for any issues you might have with the device.  We have been advised that a driver problem on the laptop is causing a problem with Wi-Fi.


If you are experiencing the issue where the Wi-Fi adapter is disabling itself, you are welcome to bring the laptop to the school and we will install the driver we have been given or please see below for instructions on how to try and resolve this yourself.


  • Right Click the Windows start menu and select Device Manager


  • When device manager is open, right click on the disabled wifi adapter and select uninstall



  • Make sure you tick the ‘Delete the driver software for this device’ and click the uninstall button


  • Once the adapter is removed, right click the computer name at the top of device manager and select ‘Scan for hardware changes’ This will add the adapter back and should now be enabled.


  • You will need to join the laptop to your home network again.


If you do have any further issue please contact school on 01536 265173 or email remotelearning@woodnewtonalc.com