Remote learning for Wednesday 5th July 2023

FS2 Core Learning

Year 1 Core Learning

Year 2 Core Learning

Year 3 Core Learning

Year 4 Core Learning

Year 5 Core Learning

Year 6 Core Learning

Diversity activities

What you can do to support your child's learning:

▪ Try to make an appropriate learning space available on the strike day.
▪ Supporting completion of the work set wherever possible.
▪ The work can be written on paper, via a work book/note pad, or printed off and written on.
▪ We have provided several pieces of learning on the school website for each year group. Your child can choose the pieces that they wish to complete. We do not expect every piece of learning to be completed.
▪ Your child can bring their completed work into school on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 if they wish to.

If your child is struggling to complete the work from their year group without their teacher’s support, please feel free to access work from another year group.