COVID-19 Information

Letters for Parents about Covid-19 symptoms
PHE has produced a letter for schools to distribute to parents explaining when a child requires a coronavirus test and what the symptoms are. The letter can be found here and NHS guidance on when a child may be too ill to attend school here.
We would therefore be grateful if this could be shared with parents and/or placed on your school website.
Launch of NHS COVID-19 app
The new NHS Covid-19 app is now available to download for free in England and Wales. The following resources explaining how the app works can be accessed via the following:
 The leaflet for parents and carers explaining how the app works can be downloaded here
 DfE guidance on the use of the app in schools and further education settings can be found here
 An explainer video is available here
 A full range of resources and FAQs on using and downloading the app can be found here
Additional posters and graphics are also available on the PHE campaign resource hub.