Woodnewton – a learning community is part of the Inspiring Futures through Learning Multi-Academy Trust.  The governance structure at Woodnewton is therefore part of a wider governance structure of IFtL itself.  More details can be found in the link below: 

Woodnewton’s Local Governing Board is made up of governors with wide ranging skills and careers and a shared enthusiasm and drive to support the school in delivering the best education and experiences for all pupils. We are committed to supporting the school to become a primary school of excellence with the highest of ambition and standards which enables every child to maximise their potential.  We are part of one of the largest volunteer forces in the country. We strive to promote school improvement and support the leaders and the staff of the school in their work.

The role of Woodnewton’s Local Governing Body is crucial in driving continuous school development and particularly focuses on ensuring the strategic direction, educational progress, safety and community engagement of all, including our most vulnerable children and families, within our school community. It is made up of representatives from Parents, Staff, Trust and the Community. We bring our experience and knowledge from both inside and outside of education.

We are proud to be a part of the IFtl Family and share their vision to inspire he futures of us all through learning together and their values. Our role as local Governing Body is to use our understanding of the school’s needs and its community to provide focused and strategic local governance. We meet at least once every half term and interact with the school via governor visits. Whilst Governors form part of the strategic leadership of the school, we are not expected to get involved in the day to day running of the school; our Headteacher, Head of School and senior school leaders are responsible for the internal organisation and management.

The Local Governing Body is accountable to the Board of Trustees of IFtL for the way our school is run and as such, are part of a wider governance structure of IFtL. The remit and responsibilities of the Governing Body of the school and the Members and Board of Trustees of IFtL are outlined in the Scheme of Delegation of Inspiring Futures through Learning, our Multi-Academy Trust and can be found on IFtL’s governance page. For further information regarding IFtL’s Board of Trustees, please visit the following link -  Board of trustees – Inspiring Futures Through Learning ( We regularly attend training provided by the Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL) Trust to expand and develop our knowledge of all aspects of education to enable us to fully support and effectively challenge Woodnewton School.


Our duties include:

  • setting strategic direction for the school
  • ensuring progress and attainment for all children
  • adopting and monitoring correct implementation of Trust policies
  • identifying and monitoring risks
  • ensuring safeguarding is effective and compliant
  • appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher


The governors maintain relationships with our key stakeholders as we as endeavour to make the school a real community one whilst living our IFtL and school values. We help the school set and reach targets in order to strive for excellence across the whole range of school life.

The Local Governing Body:

  • meets 6 times per year as a full board, with no additional committees
  • is part of a larger governance structure for Inspiring Futures through Learning Multi Academy Trust, which includes IFtL Members and Board of Trustees.  The full structure and responsibilities of these roles, including details of who serves within them, is available at
  • carries out its delegated functions and responsibilities which are focused upon:
  • the wellbeing and safety of all children and adults within the schools’ communities
  • the standards of educational performance, for all children, within the schools
  • the position of the schools within their wider communities and how the schools contribute positively to this
  • to identify, and look to mitigate, risk in relation to the above
  • to carry out the duties delegated to the Local Governing Body by the IFtL Board of Trustees, outlines in the IFtL Scheme of Delegation (seen at

If you are interested in becoming a governor or would like to make contact with the Chair, please email our governance professional, Steph Boaks by email:

Alternatively, please send a letter in a sealed envelope marked 'Chair of the Local Governing Body' via the school office.

Being a governor is an exciting role that delivers real impact within our community and for all children. It is a role of which we are proud.



  • Adam Palmer - Chair of Governors - Safeguarding Link Governor - Trust Appointed Governor
  • Angela Churchin – Wellbeing Link Governor - Trust Appointed Governor
  • Scott Edwards – Pupil Support Link Governor - Trust Appointed Governor
  • Jo James – Quality of Education and Pupil Outcomes Link Governor - Trust Appointed Governor
  • Kerry Bragg – Staff Governor
  • Kimberley Kemp - Head teacher
  • Kate West – Head of School


Our Clerk to the Governors is Hayley Cutchey and If you wish to contact Hayley please do so by sending an email to: