The Academy strongly believes that children should be actively involved in shaping their own lives. To do this they must own and solve their own problems, make choices and take responsibility for those choices.

A planned programme of Personal, Social, Health and Sex Education addresses the whole development of the child as part of a broad balanced curriculum. Children are encouraged to make positive and healthy decisions about their life-style and to resist the pressures on them to be involved with behaviour that is unhealthy or detrimental to their well-being. In Key Stage 1 we explore expected and unexpected behaviours and situations. The children are encouraged, through discussion and role play, to keep themselves safe and taught coping strategies. In Key Stage 2 children discuss empathy, alongside dealing with bullying. Later, they are introduced to the topics of drug awareness, sex education and relationships. Staying safe ‘Online’ is also taught throughout the school.

Can you name the 9 protective characteristics? Watch this video to find out more about each one, as explained by pupils of Woodnewton.