Here at Woodnewton - a learning community, we always value the view points of our parents and wider community to ensure we are offering all we can to our families for the benefit of all of our pupils.

In October, we sent out a questionnaire asking how we can improve our school website to ensure it has what you need as a parent. Please view the table below to see how we have addressed your requests.

Photos of my child and a description about how they are doing at school.We have been working on updating our school FaceBook page on a more regular basis, which celebrates both work being done in school, but also events in the local area. (Please note, the FaceBook address it is Woodnewton alc, not Woodnewton a learning community).
We are also looking into developing our use of class dojo to celebrate successes further up the school.
Pictures of the children who actually attend the school.
Celebrations of those achievements in school and sports events etc.
We had a professional photographer in school on the 15.11.23 and we are in the process of updating our school website with photos of children from Woodnewton. These are already on our home page and many of the tabs within the website.
Event days such as a non-uniform day for children in need etc.All key dates have now been added to our school calendar, found on the home page.
We are also looking into using the calendar function on Class Dojo as well for key events after Christmas.
To have a direct link to contact the class teacher.Email addresses for each class teacher can be found on their year group pages. Contact details for year leads can also be found on the year group home page.
More news/information about positive behaviour and successes.Celebration of behaviour etc can be found in our termly newsletters.
We are looking into inviting parents back in for end of term celebrations next year.
‘To see the curriculum, many other schools actually have topics they will study, what we can see is a bit fluffy’.We have now placed Knowledge Organisers on each year group page. These documents are displayed in the classroom and form the basis of planning for each topic. The Knowledge Organiser includes Sticky Knowledge (what the children need to know by the end of the topic), specific vocabulary, as well as what the children have learnt previously to support within the current topic.
An overview of the curriculum for all year groups can also been found on the curriculum offer page.
More information on the TYOP.A video has now been added to show the TYOP provision in and the team are currently re-writing their offer, so that the website can be updated.
Personal online accounts of my child to understand what they do well or what they need to do to improve.
To see the children’s assessments and home–work.
Currently, this is not something we can currently incorporate within our school website for each individual child. Please note that we do have termly parent meetings. The next parent meetings are scheduled for 26th and 28th March 2024.