Through our involvement in and commitment to raising educational standards and outcomes across all areas of the school, we will continue to deliver whole staff development based on school priorities and identified needs. We value and invest in CPD for the growth of both the individuals and the staff as a whole – we support and promote CPD opportunities to support individual growth and to drive whole school priorities. Appropriate CPD ensures teachers have consistently secure knowledge of the subjects they teach, present the subject matter effectively and use assessment accurately to inform their teaching and learning.  

CPD provision is informed and identified through a variety of means including, our whole school priorities, findings from monitoring and evaluations, assessment information and needs identified by the professionals themselves. The Performance Management process helps staff to identify targets and areas for development in line with school development priorities and for their own professional development. Central to this process is the notion that leaders have the responsibility to provide our staff with pertinent, quality and effective CPD and, as professionals we have a responsibility to seek to improve our practice and therefore be active in evaluating our own needs, as well as acting on the support and advice of colleagues. CPD is delivered as a whole school, group approach and also on a more bespoke and personalised level as appropriate. Every member of staff is entitled to quality CPD at whatever stage of their journey of growth and our culture is to see CPD as a learning opportunity for us to grow and develop to be the best we can be, whether we are early within our career or more experienced.