Academy Vision 

Our vision is to create an Academy where every child achieves through a relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning, reaching their full potential intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. 

We aim to ensure all children make good or better progress in reading, writing and numeracy and that the gap closes for our pupil premium children. 

All staff will consistently and energetically use the most effective methods for teaching to inspire our children. 

All staff will have access to high quality training and professional development opportunities to equip us to do so. 

We will provide an exciting, relevant and inspiring curriculum creating a learning environment in which your child feels happy, confident, secure and valued. 

We aim to provide an environment in which your child feels stimulated and in which he/she will learn to become a more independent creative thinker with a lively and enquiring mind. 

Classrooms will be supportive, engaging and a place where FUN can be had together. 

We aim to provide equal opportunities for all children regardless of differences in race, gender, religion, disability, and social or economic background. 

Academy Values 

Our shared values are: 

Respect, Responsibility, Friendship, Compassion, Trust and Hope 


At Woodnewton – a learning community through LOVE we Live Our Values Everyday and firmly believe in: 


for ourselves; for each other; for our environment. 


for ourselves and our actions; for our belongings; for our environment. 

Academy Creed 

I am a Woodnewton Academy child. 

I have great expectations for myself. 

I accept the challenge to become the best that I can be. 

Yesterday’s failures are behind me. 

Today’s successes are now before me. 

I will make today the very best day of all, 

For this day begins the rest of my life. 

I accept responsibility for my behaviour and its’ consequences. 

I do not have the right to disturb the learning and well-being of others. 

For the education I receive today will make me a leader of tomorrow. 

I will determine what I will become.