How can I help my child learn at home?


Whilst we recognise the need for all children, staff and parents to take some well earned rest time this half term, there are a number of websites that you can continue to use to help support your child’s learning in a fun and engaging way over the half term break.

Children have login details for these services and use them regularly in school, so why not make the most of them at home?


TT Rockstars: Login to your account and spend some time practising your times tables. We would recommend 3 short 15 minute sessions or more a week instead of one full hour session at a time.


Numbots: similar to TT Rockstars but designed specifically for our children in EYFS and KS1. Once again, we would recommend 3 short 15 minute sessions or more a week instead of one full hour session at a time.


Oak National Academy: There are a range of lessons for core and foundation subjects (Geography, History, Music, PSHE, RE or Science) for your child’s year group. Follow the instructions on the video and try some of the creative challenges.


White Rose Maths Hub: This resource will support mathematical learning in a fun and engaging way. You will need to select the tab for your year group and then click on the link to the sessions. Watch the video and work through the questions for the day’s lesson.


Phonics and Reading: Reading is such an important and enjoyable activity to experience with your child. Whether your child is reading to you, you are reading to your child, they are reading to themselves or discussing a book they are reading these activities will all help develop their reading skills and build their confidence to read or talk about books. Please read daily if you can but three 15 minute sessions a week will really make a difference. For those children in Years one and two, there are phonic videos you can practise with your child which can be found on our website within the curriculum, English and Phonic & Reading videos .